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A Non-Surgical Alternative to Liposuction


What Is UltraShape®

UltraShape® is a new non-surgical body shaping procedure from Syneron, which helps reduce abdominal circumference by mechanical disruption of fat cells.

UltraShape® San Francisco is proud to be one of twelve plastic surgery clinics in the United States offering this revolutionary technology, which helps reduce the body’s circumference without the recovery period associated with surgery.

Utilizing ultrasound technology, UltraShape® targets specific problem areas without the side effects of heat or cold-based treatments, and without the recovery period and pain associated with liposuction surgery.

UltraShape® is clinically proven to reduce localized fat deposits and help reduce body circumference, in a specific and targeted manner, with no irregularities, bruising or swelling.

The results are long-lasting and will be evident in just a few weeks, with no downtime.

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Corey S. Maas MD, FACS

Patient Testimonials


Words from Dr. Maas

“We are constantly researching treatment options for our patients that minimize pain and maximize results. We are honored to be selected as one of the few centers to offer the UltraShape® which is truly an industry breakthrough. I have already seen a patient loose two belt sizes without surgery, weight loss or pain in what is essentially a walk-in/walk-out procedure. We don’t even need anesthetic.”